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Section 1

Search and profiling

Our Seller Angel searches and selects suitable companies to supply products in line with the needs and requirements of our customers (importers, distributors, retailers) who use Bee as a tool to acquire and supply

Section 2

Document collection and profiling

The Seller Angel, in collaboration with the Category and Buyer Angels Team, collects technical and commercial information from the Seller to analyze that its products are in line with the requests of our customers (importers, distributors, retailers) to guarantee and meet the criteria of qualification required to be included in Bee

Section 3

Purchase order pre-test

If the Bee Team validates the first selection phase, the Pre-test process begins with the Seller: Bee proceeds with the configuration of the Buyer Box on the selected products to start within 15 days of entering two purchase pre-order tests with two importers, distributors or retailers of two countries so that they can test together with their customers the insertion of the product with its assortment

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Congratulations, you are a BEE seller!

If the Pre-test is successful, the Seller becomes effectively a BEE supplier, who will purchase the products directly from the Seller to resell them to importers, distributors and retailers in 72 countries

The journey




On-boarding & training


Buyer Box configuration and pre-purchase test start-up with two Buyers from two countries


Purchase by BEE

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