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Bee is a digital platform that enables and facilitates purchases from buyers in 72 countries around the world, by selecting only products in line with their market needs. This is possible thanks to Bee's complete and qualified management.

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Who are we

An intelligent and collaborative ecosystem

We map the business needs of buyers from 72 countries to create a perfect match in the purchasing process of highly profiled Italian products selected by our experts, successfully meeting the needs of market makers in each country.

#4 Product categories

  • Food & Beverages
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Design
  • Fashion

Available 24/7

  • Every day
  • At any hour
  • Continuous flow of purchase
  • Real-time updates

For Buyers

  • New business
  • Fast
  • Qualified products

For Sellers

  • Internationalization
  • New markets
  • Incrementality

What we do

What we are capable of

This is the power of an intelligent and collaborative ecosystem shaped around the needs of market players to create a perfect business match.

300+Sellers already exporting their goods internationally.

100+Buyers are leveraging our technology to improve their business.

1M+USD of exchanged value that Bee helped transact so far.

99%of orders were on time and safely reached the buyer according to schedule.

15 daysdelivery time

72countries reached

For Sellers

  • Sell your products in 72 countries
  • Acquire new markets through BEE's customers (importers, distributors, retailers)
  • Launch two pre-order purchase tests with two importers, distributors, retailers from two countries within 15 days of being entered into BEE
  • Payment on order

For Buyers

  • Profiled for the needs and requirements of your market
  • Research, selection and purchase of products with a single digital and automated tool
  • Ongoing support from the Buyer Angel
  • Management and documents archive for purchase, transport and customs activities
  • 60-day product payment
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Our purchasing model

"Number 1"

Simplified processes drive the success of our platform.




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